Best Pawn Shop in NJ Pawnshop

Wm. S. Rich and Son, a family-owned business established in 1890, has been part of the bedrock of Newark, New Jersey from the day its doors opened. Rich’s is the Garden State’s largest and best pawn shop and everyone across the city knows Rich’s.

“We’ve been serving families through generations,” says company co-owner Irwin Sablosky. “We’ve always been a part of the city and have supported Newark through thick and thin.”

As smaller competitors in Newark closed their doors, Wm. S. Rich and Son acquired their pawn businesses to become one of Newark’s oldest and most successful operations.

“In a city with an ever changing dynamic, it’s nice that Wm. S. Rich & Son has remained a staple for both retail and pawn loaning needs. We appreciate businesses that choose to come and stay in Newark. It sends a signal to everyone that Newark continues to be a solid investment,” Sablosky said.

In 1993, Wm. S. Rich & Son began to expand outside of the City of Newark, opening a second location in Belleville. In 2000, it opened a third, inside a former jewelry store in Union. Recognizing a greater need for pawnshops in the state, the company has now grown to 12 locations throughout New Jersey.

Wm. S. Rich & Son remains a family business providing locals with familiar faces and a smile. From the owners passing down the company from father to son, to the employees who have been with the company for decades, Rich’s represents a consistency you can count on for loans, wholesale and custom jewelry, check cashing and more, all while maintaining the personalized customer service that has been the hallmark of its success. Rich’s wants to be the first and only business you think of when you need a quick pawn loan or purchase a piece of jewelry.