Pawn Shops

What Items Can I Pawn?

What Items Can I Pawn? We all have stuff around the house we no longer use.  There’s the guitar you bought on a whim, played for six months and then put in the basement. Or a first edition of a classic book that you found at a junk shop and snapped up for $2.50. Sometimes […]

Why Pawn Shops Matter

Everyone has a bank account, right? Wrong. Nearly 30 percent of U.S. households either have no one with a bank account or, if they do, they have also used money orders, check cashing, international remittances, payday loans, refund anticipation loans, rent-to-own services, pawn shop loans or auto title loans within the past 12 months, according […]

Creating the Perfect Engagement Ring at a Pawnbroker Jeweler

When Anthony was ready to buy an engagement ring for his longtime girlfriend Justine, there was only one jewelry store he considered- William S. Rich & Son, where he had purchased several pieces of jewelry, including a Tiffany watch. “Things I’ve gotten at the pawn shop have been at such a great price, there isn’t […]

The Misconceptions—and Truth—About Pawn Shops

When someone says “pawn shop,” what comes to mind? Is it that TV show where the shady character goes to pawn stolen goods? Is it a dingy storefront crammed with useless items? Do you imagine that all pawn customers are down on their luck and one step away from the poorhouse? Well, think again. Hollywood […]

A Comprehensive Guide On Ring Settings

  It happens to everyone. It’s finally time to purchase that first diamond ring. However the process is just as daunting and scary as the occasion is momentous; between the terms and subjective nature of diamonds it can be a lot to handle! Did you know that there is more than one way a diamond […]

Tips on how to Keep your Jewelry Looking New!

Since the doors open 100+ years ago Rich & Son has been involved in the jewelry industry. One only has to realize that working with jewelry in all facets goes hand in hand with the pawn industry. Being a family owned business for generations we understand the importance of taking care of one another, both […]

Eight Services We Provide at Our Locations

As a family owned business, Wm.S. Rich and Son puts client satisfaction as top priority. Locations offering quality products, great customer care, competitive prices and a wide variety of services, lead us to be New Jersey’s largest fully licensed pawnbroker and jeweler. Here are some of the services we offer at our locations 1.(JEWELRY RETAIL) […]


From the beginning over 125 years ago in the late 1890’s, Rich & Son has established itself as the premiere pawn broker of New Jersey. Born in the heart of Newark, our presence in the city is well recognized as we can proudly say we are part of Newark’s foundation and history. We have been […]