A Comprehensive Guide On Ring Settings


It happens to everyone. It’s finally time to purchase that first diamond ring. However the process is just as daunting and scary as the occasion is momentous; between the terms and subjective nature of diamonds it can be a lot to handle! Did you know that there is more than one way a diamond can be set in a ring, each with its own pros and cons? At first we didn’t either! Luckily we are here to help! Keep reading on to find out just how a diamond can be set so that you’re an expert when you go to buy your first diamond ring!


Prong setting:

The most common way a diamond can be set. This setting can be done with both four prongs or six. The high hold of the prongs allow for optimal light to breach the diamond. In regards to a prong setting more often than not the larger the diamond the more prongs you would like to have. Additionally, if you live a more active lifestyle six prongs may be the way to go, that way if one of the prongs becomes compromised, there still will be five others to hold it in place! Regardless of choice, the prong setting allows the fire of your diamond to take center stage.

Bezel setting:

The second most popular way to set a diamond, this setting encircles the stone with a low metal rim creating a protective profile for the diamond. It is a modern look perfect for the active lifestyle.

Channel setting:

One of our favorites! The classic glamour of old with the sophistication of new. With this setting small stones are placed in between the grooves of two bands adding all the more sparkle to your ring. The channel allows you the ability to personalize your ring with different sized diamonds or gemstones.

Pave setting:

Also known as a “Bead Setting,” the Pave creates a continuous sparkle through the use of smaller stones. Like a Channel Setting, smaller stones are clustered between the two bands of the ring, held together by mini prongs that are unseen to the eye. These stones are often .01-.02 carats in size, adding just enough to really make the center stone shine bright. It requires a lot of detailing and precision so it is best to confirm your ring size before you get this style made for you.

Cluster setting:

One of the most exquisite styles, the stones are clustered together to make the shape of a larger diamond. A cluster can also surround a larger center stone, making it larger than it truly is.

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