Pawn never sounded so helpful

Pawn never sounded so helpful

Pawnshop newbie? You’re not alone!
If you have found yourself needing some quick cash recently, you may have considered heading to a pawnshop. You are not alone. The bad economy has prompted many people to visit a pawnshop for the first time.

“We’re seeing folks who have never been in a pawnshop before needing short-term assistance without having to sell anything,” says Irwin Sablosky, president of WM.S. Rich and Son. You shouldn’t feel afraid or embarrassed about heading to a pawnshop, but there are some things you need to know.

Don’t believe the bad image
Pawnshops aren’t the shady, scary places they often appear to be in the media. The mainstream media has unjustly vilified pawnshops, and so most people perceive pawnshops to be dirty and seedy. Instead, “pawnshops are regulated by 12 federal laws plus numerous state and local laws,” says Emmett Murphy, spokesman for the National Pawnbrokers Association, or NPA. “The majority are clean, well-lit stores run by people who pride themselves on providing good customer service.”

Go to the best.
WM.S Rich and Son have been around for over 125 years! They have been providing service for generations, helping families get out of a pinch, leveraging jewelry just sitting around into real cash to pay bills, fix things around the home, or just create some comfort. Now with 12 convenient pawnshop locations in New Jersey, Rich and Son is looking to help you more. Now with Check Cashing, Western Union, Cash Loans, Jewelry repairs or just looking for a great gift at a great price, come to the store that has helped out the most!

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