Tips on how to Keep your Jewelry Looking New!

jewelry tips

Since the doors open 100+ years ago Rich & Son has been involved in the jewelry industry. One only has to realize that working with jewelry in all facets goes hand in hand with the pawn industry.

Being a family owned business for generations we understand the importance of taking care of one another, both employee and customer. Some members of our team have been with the company 20,30, 40+ years; they understand this is at our core. Being with the company for so long the experience speaks for itself.

In addition to long term employees, many of our managers are GIA certified. This means they have passed a rigorous course at the Gemological Institute of America in New York City. This training has made many at William S. Rich well adept at handling and understanding precious gems and diamonds

The first step to the maintenance of your jewelry is a simple inspection. By looking over your jewelry you might find something that needs to be repaired, a loose stone, or simply the specific areas that need to be cleaned. Oil, dust and dirt build up as we go about our normal routine. All precious metals age with daily wear, though these visible markings will vary depending upon the metal

  • With age Platinum develops a finish called a patina
  • 14k Gold is quite durable and often takes a bit longer to show markings when compared to the softer 18k gold

Regardless of metal type a few steps should and could be taken to care for your jewelry
Methods of care vary depending upon the material of the piece

  1. Jewelry with gemstones should be handled by professionals as they require special cleaning procedures
  2. If your gold is showing some wear, you can remove the tarnish by using water and soap mixed with a few drops of ammonia. Brush the jewelry with this mixture using a brush with soft bristles. Afterward, rinse the jewelry with lukewarm water and dry using a cloth NOT a paper towel as the fibers in the paper towel can be abrasive.
    • There are many commercial cleaners available for cleaning gold jewelry at home
    • We sell some at most of our locations!May also use a good ultrasonic machine which produces tiny bubbles that physically scrub the jewelry in hard to reach areas.
    • May also use a good ultrasonic machine which produces tiny bubbles that physically scrub the jewelry in hard to reach areas.

Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, luxury furniture or a house- the better one takes care of something the longer it lasts!

Cleaning your jewelry regularly will keep that “brand new” brilliance.



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