Why are Pawn Shops becoming popular option for holiday deals?

instant cash loansWhy are Pawn Shops becoming popular option for holiday deals?

Experts say spending on Christmas shopping is up this year and that’s not just at big-name retail stores. Why are Pawn shops are becoming a popular option for holiday deals? They have everything you can want and for good price. Shop owners say that’s why more and more Christmas shoppers are considering their stores.

“We’re finding with the economy the way that it is a lot of people are coming in looking for deals, because, of course, they want to try and save as much money as they can, and that’s what we do. Save them as much as we can and still give them a great product.”

At the Rich and Son Location in Newark, it has a recipe for holiday shopping success. “We have a variety of items. Customers can find everything from TV’s and Music Instruments to Cameras and Golf Bags. You might see something that just might be perfect for somebody you’re looking for.”

Pawn shop owners say the big pull their stores have over big box chains lies in the inventory and price of gold and silver. Shoppers agree that pawn shop jewelry can save someone big bucks. “You can get the same quality here for a fourth of the price, maybe even less!”

As for people pawning goods, brokers say some people even take the cash they get and immediately use the money to buy gifts inside the pawn store.

With 8 locations, William S. Rich and Son is New Jersey’s largest fully licensed pawnbroker and jeweler, serving the garden state since 1890.All of our locations provide collateral loans on jewelry. The Newark location also loans on select non-jewelry items, call us for more information.

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