Rich n Son logoFrom the beginning over 125 years ago in the late 1890’s, Rich & Son has established itself as the premiere pawn broker of New Jersey. Born in the heart of Newark, our presence in the city is well recognized as we can proudly say we are part of Newark’s foundation and history. We have been close to the community with principles based on a high quality of work, professionalism and most importantly, personalized customer care. Our clients are the most important part of our business and we do all we can to make them feel that way. We are a family owned business and client services are at our core.

With great reputation and experience comes the ability to grow, which is exactly what we have done from the moment our second location opened in Belleville in 1993. Expanding and specializing in a greater variety of services, our 2nd location made it that much easier to reach our customers.

Today, there are 12 Rich & Son locations in NJ, making us the largest pawnbroker in the garden state. Our prices are highly competitive, as we work to make sure the greatest quality can fit into all tastes and budgets. From repairs to appraisals, jewelry old and new, our reputation as jewelers is bar none. This can give you the confidence that we will be offering only the best of items. From diamonds to bracelets and necklaces, our jewelry inventory is extensive. Our business is also backed by well recognized brands in the industry such as Movado, Pulsar, Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and more!

Society evolves and so has our brand. William S. Rich & Sons social media channels have allowed us to further communicate with and inform our clients. Taking a step further, we have begun a newsletter to give our customers updates and information about our products and services. This greater variety is to remind our customers we are here for them.

Always looking to improve and impress, that’s the Rich & Son way.

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